It's Happening In Soledad

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  • Edie Littlefield Sundby completed her walk of all 21 missions

    Check out her website or Facebook page at Edie's Mission Walk.

  • CSUMB Student Excavation

    Dr. Mendoza is doing an ongoing excavation with his Cal State Monterey Bay students.

    They will be excavating almost every Friday until May 3rd and that the public is welcome to watch. 
    They are primarily searching for the soldiers' barracks.

  • Soledad Mission's Master Plan


    We are in the process of creating a master plan to rebuild the mission based on archaeology and historical research. The first picture shows how it looks now and the other represents a draft of what it will be. Gil Sanchez is the architect.


    Take a look at the CYARK website.  They are intending to reconstruct the history of the missions as they were and as they changed over time in digital format.
  • Trees

    Sadly, we have had to remove trees from the quadrangle.  They were not original to the site and were causing much damage to the foundations and archaeological history that is under the earth.  It does give a more realistic view of the mission back in the day.

  • 21 Missions Club

    Ronald Briery, Bepee Sala, and Stephanie Dodaro.  These are the adventurers who have walked all 21 of the missions on the old El Camino Real.  

    These three have also walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

    Ronald Briery
    (above) Ronald Briery holding his guidebook for walking all 21 missions or any part thereof (which is on sale in our mission)

    (above) Suet Cheng & Stephanie Dodaro

    Kurt Buckley and Bill Morgan are now in the 21 Club as they walked to all 21 missions.

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